Re: what is "3DCrafts.AR" ?

Brief Description:

This may be an amazing experience! Now you can view of 3D data from your mobile devices!!

3DCrafts.AR is an application that renders 3D data on your device when the QR code pre-registered to is focused by your device camera.


Detail Explanation: ( is a service platform to share 3D files and models designed for 3D prints

All 3D files and models registered to have an identical QR code. When focused by your device camera, the QR code will have your device render the 3D file/model in its life-size through augmented reality processing.

Make a visit to Try to capture the QR code using 3DCrafts.AR application, you get a whole new experience. 3D data for famous game characters, buildings, robots and others are ready to rush out to the real world.

You can also get various gorgeous 3D art crafts in 3-dimensional view, which are designed by famous 3D modelers.

Watch the video below to get a taste!